I primarily shoot nature, wildlife, and landscapes.  My goal is to capture and convey the beauty and uniqueness of the natural landscape around me. Occasionally you will find cityscapes, fireworks, and street subjects too.

I became fascinated with photography at a young age and using three box top coupons and a dollar, my mother got me my first camera, a Kodak Brownie, when I was eight.  By high school I had graduated to 35mm SLRs, had converted a bathroom into a darkroom, became the yearbook photographer, and freelanced with local newspapers.  I worked in a studio while still in high school learning portrait and wedding photography.  In the end, prospects for a livelihood in photography in rural southern Missouri in the 1970s were not good.  So began a career in the U.S. Army that kept me connected to photography and became a lifelong profession. As I have honed my craft over the years I am finally at a point where I believe my work is worth sharing. 

For those of you who are interested in the equipment I use, I obtained my first Canon SLR, the flagship F1, in the early 1980s and I have shot Canon gear ever since.  Today I am shooting the newest member of the Canon mirrorless line, the R5.  I am happy to share shooting details for any specific images--just click Contact and send me an email.